Massage at Dr Tannenbaum's Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Massage and Homeopathy at Northwest Medical Plaza

Make the Most of an Amazing Massage and we are AFFORDABLE!

Do you have aching muscles from lots of activity or tension from a stressful work week, perhaps pain from heavy lifting - whatever body ailments you're battling, a relaxing massage is sure to help. 15 minutes to 90 minutes of bliss with the massage of your choice. A sports massage, deep tissue, Swedish, Thai/Shiatsu or combination massage for time that suits you. We offer new client specials so please ask. If you have a medical complaint we do accept many health insurances when applicable.

Each massage modality and therapist offered by Dr Russ Tannenbaum Chiropractic Massage and Acupuncture are unique ways to improve how you feel and how your body works. Here are some of the highlights of each of the massages you can choose from:

  • Sports: Whether you're a bonafide athlete, or just trying to be one, this massage will help with performance. It can be used prior to a big event or afterwards for recovery. Stimulating trigger points, this massage can focus on specific activity-related tissue or give you an all-over treatment.
  • Swedish: A traditional massage which offers a multitude of benefits. Using long, gentle strokes, this treatment is both therapeutic for your body and relaxing for your mind.
  • Deep Tissue: Using classic strokes and techniques this treatment works to get deeper into layers of muscles. The method is great for treating specific problems in the body.
  • Thai/Shiatsu: This method incorporates stretching, pressure points and more for a relaxing and healing massage.
  • Combination: Working with a professional massage therapist will help you identify which combo of methods is best for your body and give you the service that suits you.

With so many options, you're sure to find a massage the works for your needs. And with an entire hour and a half, you'll be relaxed and renewed in no time. Massage increases circulation, relieves pain, and helps you focus, for an overall feeling of well being.