"Free Your Brain - The Balancing Act"

Free your brain? Could this mean taking one specific day to yourself, a break from the norm to regroup mentally? Or could it mean escaping the day-to-day ruckus in our life? Actually, the intent of this article is to explain how 'freeing your brain' means something more substantial, sustaining?

All of us are experiencing sharp pains, throbbing and tightness in our head, neck & shoulders. Some of us grind our teeth when we sleep, if we can get to sleep, while others find it difficult to get out of bed from back pain.

Some of us attribute this to stress & worry, others are not sure, but everyone is sure of one thing-THEY WANT RELIEF. Does this sound like you?

What could be contributing to these maladies? Many of us are not sure, yet more of us are experiencing inward or outward MELTDOWNS. Could the answer simply lie with the economy, or the just recent drop from the HOLIDAY HIGHS? Our forefathers worked just as hard, yet they didn't suffer from unusual symptoms; symptoms marking our times.

We are being pulled in all directions, and serenity, peace & quiet are getting harder to reach. If we could get back to those times; less hectic and less pressure, maybe we can find balance again. Looking back, we learn a lot; comparing our foods, our genre's lifestyle & habits, and the environment.

Happily, many are finding a 'return to eden' as it were, to balance their life simply by balancing their mind and body in order to deal with life's stressors. And it's all at their literal fingertips.


Bundled stress hurts us physically, while pent-up stress causes us to disconnect, phase out, lose attention, or experience those inward/outward meltdowns. We lose ourselves, our concentration, our connection because we need to free our brain. The brain sits centrally and under our crown's layers of hair, skin, skull, fascia, and fluid. That's a lot of pressure. With pressure comes blockage; blockage of the free flowing energy connecting our senses to our environment. Our brain can misfire, causing anxiety, fear, or "the blues". Massage can be a healthy hands-on way of freeing that energy, from our crown all the way down our back reaching our very 'seat'.

Functional Therapy:

While massage can be a quick relief, the best way to really get to the root of the matter is by discovering what's way down deep. Even though we all pretty much have the same physical structure, each individual has a unique experience; from conception, to birth, to development, through the 'rat race', to retirement. When it comes to life's stressors, our body tells a story of how we are now, how we lived, and possibly what's to come. It all begins pre-recorded in a code called DNA, how we individually will react to life-long experiences. Those codes can be unlocked through meridians or channels that print out sub-atomic data ranging from various sensitivities, to hormonal imbalances, to specific allergies, using state of the art equipment called ASYRA. While there is no complete cure, there is prevention and such therapy can balance us on cellular levels, minimizing the effects of debilitating stressors that stem from a huge range of sources. This biomedical screening through the dermis (skin layer) can be just a 'touch away'. Simply by holding a metal probe; frequency is used to find those cellular misfires, go down real deep and address other issues contributing to symptoms that keep us out of focus, keeping us from enjoying life, from Functioning properly.

Potent Nutrients:

Some people feel that they can balance their minds and bodies without the need for improving their diet. Surprisingly for others, the fresh and packaged foods we eat are robbing us of meeting that 'physical balance'. According to Kathy Gruver, who published an article in the January/February issue of massage&bodywork magazine, GMO's (genetically modified organisms) are now labeled in our produce sections, and adds are "getting tougher to avoid in our foods". She also suggests we "avoid packaged and processed foods because they may contain GMO's" such as the "big three: Corn, soy, and cotton [used for cottonseed oil]". Our foods are possibly inundated with GMO's and Gruver cautions, "GMO's are ruining our food supply and are causing a number of health issues we haven't even connected them to yet."

When it comes to supplements, our Liver is already quite burdened with the job of breaking down synthetics and bi-products. With that being said, should we have to settle for eating what's simply handed to us, after all the processing, packaging, and genetic altering?

During the process of food preparation, what does our precious food pass through? According to Gus Barni, president of APL/LifeForce, a High Vibration formula, "80% of food in grocery stores is genetically modified, where even insects will avoid certain foods. Also, believe it or not, most of our supplements go through a cooking process, breaking down the true efficacy of nutrients. With the Liver breaking down such foods, this can't be too promising. They say if it comes from a plant, it's good. If it is made in a plant, it's not so good." He adds, "There are organic & wild food supplements that provide a measure of relief and we can feel the difference when we change our eating habits."

Balancing our lives are just a touch away, with massage, non-invasive dermal screening, and simply picking up fresh or packaged foods to read labeling. It could not only free our brain, it could sustain our life.

Contributed by: Stephanie Clarke, LMT, AS Degree in Paramedical AES, ASYRA Technician, APL CSR., who works with Dr. Clifford Fruithandler, DC, at their new location: 5800 Colonial Dr., Ste. 400, Margate, FL , across from the entrance of Northwest Medical Center.