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» Allergy Desensitization Study University of Utah
» Acupuncture - Bioenergetic Medicine
» Everyday is Worth Celebrating
» Maintaining a Classic
» Chiropractic Is Cost Effective For Sure
» Chiropractic Miracles
» Many Medical Treatments Are Not So Scientific
» Is Living Longer Slipping Away?

Allergy Desensitization Study University of Utah

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Bioenergetic & Regulative Medicine

The preliminary statistics of an allergy desensitization study were just released from the university of Utah. The complete reporting is to follow soon.   35 patients were followed all of whom had sensitivities to airborne allergens.  Blood markers were used prior and post Asyra treatment. 

 Only four treatments were given.  These results compare with what we see in the office. 

Allergy Desensitization (4 visits)
Imprinted Remedies: Group 1-25 Active, 26-30 Placebo, 31-35 Control
   Pre Study               Post Study

Treatment Group 1-25 received an Asyra comprehensive analysis with airborne allergens profiles.  This group received imprinted remedies.  95% showed dramatic reduction in blood antigens for allergies.

Placebo Group 26-30 received placebo remedies, this group showed less than one percent improvement.

Control Group 31-35 were the control and had no treatment.  They had less than one percent improvement.

Red bars are blood markers at the beginning of the study prior to treatment.  Green Bars are the blood studies after 4 treatments.  I assume this was over a 4-5 month period.

All participants received an Asyra comprehensive analysis and airborne allergens profiles before during and at the end of the study. 

More than 70 percent of patients in any general practice suffer from functional disturbances. Simply speaking, a functional disturbance occurs when no specific tissue or organ damage can be identified by conventional lab work or other pathological diagnostics, yet the patient still experiences a myriad of symptoms. Where traditional approaches end, the Asyra system introduces a new perspective for evaluating and developing solutions to these issues.  This study although small appears quite conclusive that the Asyra has a powerful ability to reduce airborne allergy sensitivity.

Author: Clifford Fruithandler DC
Source: University of Utah preliminay study results
Copyright: Clifford Fruithandler DC 2011

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 Everyday brings new challenges and new adventures.  In the past few years these challenges may seem overwhelming, yet they are given to us by our higher power to learn.  Some may choose to wallow in self pity, others to stand up and keep on moving forward.  As long as we breathe, we have a chance to make a mark in this realm called today.

Financially challenged?  Look at our brothers in Haiti, the homeless on the corner, the disabled, and those with so much less and be grateful for what we have.  We live in America, the dream of so many so far away.  A place where store shelves are full and opportunity is abundant.  We live in a democracy with freedoms unparallelled elsewhere, lets be grateful.  No matter how poor or unemployed there is food on our plates and clothes to be had.  We live, even our poorest better than much of the Nobles of our past. 

The kingdom of night, that of the darkness we all have at one time or another.  sometimes it takes hitting the bottom, to start over and redesign ourselves, or to bring out the goodness we all have.    I began to appreciate my family, LIFE, AND OTHERS. HERE ARE SIMPLE CHANGES YOU CAN MAKE FOR YOU.

2.DRINK a lot of water, concentrated on eating more vegetables, less carbohydrates and fats. Eliminate (or drastically reduce) soda and most junk foods.  Walk, walk, and walk.   Along with an Organic Multivitamin, nutritional cleanses, Adrenal support and  life force,  your energy, stamina, and clarity of mind will return and you will want to play again.

3.  I joined some Mens GROUPS and Civic clubs, made new friends while renewing my spirituality.  The power of a group with similar individual issuse is incredible.

4. Yoga,  MEDITATION and prayer is an  instant destressor.  Prayer and belief in one  greater than ourselves, can be stress releasing and fear resolving. Acceptance for who I am and my shortcomings allows me to be happy. 

Remember "If it's to be, its up to me." God Bless you.

Author: Clifford Fruithandler, DC
Source: Clifford Fruithandler DC
Copyright: Clifford Fruithandler DC 2010

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Acupuncture - Bioenergetic Medicine


Homeopathy with 200 years of clinical experience has taken a quantum shift thanks to computerization and electrodermal screening (EDS). We are able to read symptom and tissue frquencies with the computer, send back healing or balancing frequencies  for normalization. This occurs when resonance of the abnormal frequency is found, this remedy frequency is then held with others, and the process is repeated 20-60 times. By doing hundreds of these rechecks in minutes, we can save you hours of time and recieve what we feel is much better and quicker results in your care. In our office Dr Cliff uses the Asyra or Bax3000 to integrate homeopathy with our energy medicine protocols. With 30 years experience utilizing combined Applied Kinesiology, acupuncture, chiroractic and Homeopathy, we feel we have created the ultimate in Alternative Medicine.


Bio-energetic Theory and the Integration of Asyra with Acupuncture and Homeopathy

To replace this placeholder, please upload the original image (C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\msohtmlclip1\01\clip_image001.jpg) on server and insert it in the document.Chinese medicine identified the meridians, energetic channels that form electrical pathways throughout the body. Stimulation of points on these channels with needles, heat or pressure forms the basis of many forms of health treatment, ancient and modern. The flow of life energy or 'Chi' in these channels relies on them remaining in balance and free of blockages, and our ability to stay healthy and fight off disease in turn depends on this vital flow.

Bio-energetic or Electro-dermal testing devices allow us to assess using galvanic skin response (changes in the electrical resistance of the skin) the state of the acupuncture meridians and therefore of the energetic health of the body. It also allows us, and this is where the real power of the technology lies, to assess how the body will respond to a huge number of different remedies or other substances.

All substances, whether living or non-living, have a characteristic resonant signature. Every specific tissue and organ in the human body has its own individual resonant frequency. By outputting a software-recorded 'copy' of these resonances we can predict how the energetic system of the body will respond to them. This scientific application of traditional methods removes the guesswork that's involved in many analyses (conventional and complementary). This is the science of bio-energetic, or electro-dermal, screening.

In a bio-energetic health screening, the energetic signatures of a large number of substances are individually introduced into the energetic testing circuit and the patient's response is assessed through skin resistance measurements. Galvanic skin response is a well-established principle that is also used in lie detectors.

To replace this placeholder, please upload the original image (C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\msohtmlclip1\01\clip_image002.jpg) on server and insert it in the document.To illustrate: when a patient with a normal liver has the frequency of a healthy liver put into the testing circuit, there will be resonance. The absence of change in the patient's skin resistance indicates that the liver is not stressed. If, on the other hand, a patient with an energetically stressed liver has a healthy liver frequency run through the testing circuit, that frequency will not resonate with that person's electromagnetic field relating to their liver tissue. This non-resonance increases the electrical resistance in the person's body. The increase in skin resistance in this case tells us that there is an energetic stress in the liver. Subsequent tests can then be performed with other organs and toxins in order to obtain more information on the nature of the liver disturbance. By conducting a series of organ and toxin tests, we can construct a picture of the patient's health status. This enables a practitioner to identify health challenges at their root and devise treatment accordingly, rather than merely treating symptoms of an underlying challenge.

To replace this placeholder, please upload the original image (C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\msohtmlclip1\01\clip_image003.jpg) on server and insert it in the document.Conventional laboratory testing procedures are limited in the information they offer and can be very misleading. For example, hair analysis may identify the presence of Iron. However, the hair is a pathway by which the body excretes iron, so we cannot conclude anything about the level of iron currently in other tissues. In many cases there is NO way of using laboratory testing to determine the levels of a toxic substance across the whole body (without killing the patient first!). This is why energetic testing is in many cases more useful. Energetic changes precede cellular changes – if the illness has not progressed to the point where there are cellular or structural changes, conventional tests will usually reveal nothing.

This is not where the implications of bio-energetic technology end. If every substance, living or non-living, emits electromagnetic frequencies based on the amount and rotational speed of their atoms, and if we can identify these frequencies, then we have an extremely valuable tool for treatment. Remedies can be tested for compatibility with specific conditions for every unique case that a client may present. Usin this approach, the practitioner can map out the most effective course of treatment. Furthermore, now that we have a database of frequencies of substances and conditions, we can imprint remedies, bespoke for the individual client's requirements; a digital form of homeopathy completely customized for each case.

In years to come, as the demand for health assessment continues to rise, we will continue to witness the use of energetic testing as an effective preventative method in order to treat illness at its root and at the earliest possible stage.

To replace this placeholder, please upload the original image (C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\msohtmlclip1\01\clip_image004.jpg) on server and insert it in the document.The Evolution Of Bio-Energetic Screening Technology

Energy medicine is growing in popularity, but it is certainly not new. 'Chi' has been an integral part of Chinese medicine for millennia. The success of these well-honed and time-honoured treatments has been well documented anecdotally: a vast number of people know that energy medicine works because they have seen and experienced the results for themselves. As a complementary medicine, clinical research has historically been poorly funded and thereby very limited. Now, science, driven by the need to find methods more effective than symptom-suppressing drugs, is beginning to catch up with experience.

EDS Technology

The Beginning

To replace this placeholder, please upload the original image (C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\msohtmlclip1\01\clip_image005.jpg) on server and insert it in the document.In the 1900's, Western science began to investigate the ancient theories of electrical energy and wave patterns in living things and objects. A number of scientists (such as Royal Rife) produced studies evaluating the electrical properties of various compounds and concluded that each had its own unique wave pattern or resonant frequency.

When the theories behind acupuncture points first came under scrutiny from western medicine scientists, European researchers validated the existence of such points by way of electrical conductivity readings. The electrical conductivity of these points would become the foundation of Electro-Dermal Screening (EDS).

In 1951, a researcher named Nivoyet established that acupuncture points do in fact have a lower skin resistance than points elsewhere on the body's surface and that by implication, their conductivity is higher.
In 1952, Dr. Walter Schmidt examined patients that had a variety of known disorders. He examined the corresponding acupuncture points using an electrical current and found that resistance at the specific acupuncture points that related to their disorder increased when that organ was malfunctioning. In contrast, this resistance remained constant when the function of a corresponding organ was not impaired.

To replace this placeholder, please upload the original image (C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\msohtmlclip1\01\clip_image006.jpg) on server and insert it in the document.These two vital findings were not consolidated until 1953, when German physician Dr. Reinhold Voll researched and developed a systematic approach for evaluating the body through skin resistance measurements. Cumbersome and complicated though it was, this was the world's first EDS (Electro-Dermal Screening) system.

Because the techniques Dr. Voll developed were so difficult to implement, German physicians went on to work hard on developing EDS practices that would reduce the quantity of acupuncture point measurements needed, as well as reducing the quantity of remedies required in medication testing. As these modified practices developed, they became known as "Bio-electronic Functions Diagnosis & Therapy" (BFD).

Second Generation EDS

To replace this placeholder, please upload the original image (C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\msohtmlclip1\01\clip_image007.jpg) on server and insert it in the document.Dr. Helmut Schimmel, a medical and dental physician and clinical researcher from West Germany, worked with BFD for nearly a decade until, in 1978, he developed a third incarnation of the system. The "VEGATEST-Method" or VRT (Vegetative Reflex Test) was the culmination of some thirty years development and experience of German Electro-Acupuncture. The new technology and practices became hugely popular in Germany and spread overseas to the USA, England and Australia.

Computerised EDS

In 1979, an American named James Hoyt Clarke launched a machine named Dermatron. This was the world's first Computerised Electro Dermal Screening (CEDS) system. Clarke would go on working to perfect a computer system capable of taking electro-dermal measurements quickly, simply and accurately. After 16 years of research and development, he achieved this, introducing the LISTEN (Life Information System Ten) System to the world in 1991. This second-generation computerised system allowed faster and simpler operation with more accurate results. Clarke programmed tests against 18,000 substances.

To replace this placeholder, please upload the original image (C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\msohtmlclip1\01\clip_image008.jpg) on server and insert it in the document.The LISTEN system was the basis for BioMeridian's BEST System, which was released in 1998. Fully Windows compatible, this system would test against 29,000 substances. Because of these radical improvements in accuracy, scope and convenience, EDS and bio-energetic technology gained popularity amongst independent practitioners worldwide. Since then popularity for bio-energetic medicine continued to spread; and science began to catch up. Energy medicine began to gain widespread clinical acceptance, with results now backed by scientifically documented research.

Fourth Generation Computerised EDS

In 2003, the EDS technology evolved from the BEST system to the Asyra. Aside from software developments, by far the most important change was that the Asyra was capable of filtering (through use of specific frequencies) the information it gathered to allow accurate single-point testing. Criticism of EDS until this point had focused on the time and training necessary to take accurate readings. But now, with The Asyra, one site could be screened to obtain all the necessary information, rather than dozens. This represented a major advance in EDS and bio-energetic technology and would make the screening procedure significantly faster and completely non-invasive.

To replace this placeholder, please upload the original image (C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\msohtmlclip1\01\clip_image009.jpg) on server and insert it in the document.The Asyra brought bio-energetic screening to thousands of independent practitioners worldwide, giving them a better chance than ever of high rates of positive treatment results. This widespread application of the technology in busy private clinics highlighted new demands: practitioners needed the screenings to be faster still; and they needed probing that would be completely insusceptible to practitioner bias or error. Maximum accuracy, consistency and ease of use in minimum time would now be the focus for research and development in the EDS and bio-energetic medicine field.

The Future

To replace this placeholder, please upload the original image (C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\msohtmlclip1\01\clip_image010.jpg) on server and insert it in the document.The Asyra Pro introduced in 2009, marked a significant step forward for the technology. It was one of the first truly flexible probeless EDS devices. Not only did it eliminate operator bias, it also enabled many of the ponderous techniques associated with probing to be automated. In a single stroke screening times were reduced dramatically. So much so, that a test of all major organs and body systems was reduced from around an hour to less than a few minutes. The benefits of this are obvious.

As well as being fast, the Asyra Pro is extremely flexible. Treatment protocols can be tuned to meet the varying needs of individual patients, new protocols can be created and preferred remedies, from any supplier, can be quickly and easily added to the system's database. We can also screen your current supplements for efficacy.


I have always looked for Miracles.  Now I am seeing them everyday.  The diagnostics of the Asrya is almost scary at its accuracy and insight.  Yet it is a tool in its infancy.  There is no queston, all  healthcare practitioners will be using this technology in the near future.

We have seen amazing natural results in the following conditons:

1. Allergy reduction or elimination  (foods, airborne (cats, dogs, pollens)

2. Heat intolerance and balance with MS, Multiple Scleroisis

3. Return of sensation with non diabetic peripheral neuropathies

4. Improved sleep paterns

5, Dramatic reduction of Irritable Bowel Syndrome

6. Good improvement with Fibromyalgia

7. Pain reduction in extremtiy arthritis

8. Dramatic wound healing with burns, cuts, and some inflamatory skin lesions.

9. Improved Digestion in general

10. Tinnitus

11. Hypertension

12. Emotional Stressors

13. Low energy or Chronic Fatigue

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting to get a different result.  If your health is not where you want it to be, perhaps its time to try a different approach.  Bioenergetic Medicine is not a cure all, but it is very safe, effective and affordable.   Please go to and preview some of the testimonials.  They are all real people with real issues that have improved.  All had not responded to traditonal care prior.  All you have to loose are your symptom issues. 

Author: Clifford Fruithandler DC
Source: Asyra UK, 2009
Copyright: Asyra US 2009

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Everyday is Worth Celebrating



By Cliff Fruithandler DC

If you've known me for a while, you know that I don't I don't get negative that often, although yes it does happen.  Some people celebrate  specific days others  celebrate birthdays, anniversaries,  Christmas, Hanukkah , Kwanzaa,  Mothers  day, Fathers Day, Grandparents day, Christmas, Thanks giving, Winter Solstice, Yule,, Valentine's Day ,or even Pop tart Day.  Some dont celebrate at all.

For me everyday  is worth celebrating in its own way.  Everyday is an opportunity to learn or succeed where one hasn't before. There are no ordinary moments. There's always something in our lives to look forward to or reflect upon from the past.   Celebration, whether it's a simple smile from a child, a gorgeous day, the middle of a hurricane, a full moon with abundant stars, or the delectable taste of and textuire of your favorite food. 

I like to look out on my garden each morning and become aware of my senses, I meditate on

·         Feelings of the breeze on my hair, the temperature on my skin, the clothes on my back, the feeling  chocolate

·         hearing the sounds of nature and all its abundance

·         seeing the colors textures' movements and beauty of the flowers, trees and sky

·         sensing  the feeling of serenity, peace of all the good things I have, the love of family, friends, home and food on the table

·         A oneness with my higher power who guides me thru thought to another days experience, I pray for all to have what they need  to enjoy what god has given us.

For me it comes down to one simple spiritual principle: FREEDOM.

·         Freedom is the inner capacity to choose how we will experience something and feel.

·         Freedom to choose, to make choices on our own to change the destiny of the world around us

·         Freedom to be an optimist or a pessimist, happy or sad,  warm or cold, giver or taker.

·         Freedom to gracious for our abundance, or upset for what we have lost or don't have

·         Freedom to be happy for others or jealous of others


By being free to choose my feelings,  I find myself in a state of gratitude.  I find for myself helping others brings me happiness and security. I still love spending time with my family during the holidays, its our time to celebrate the connections of  love of present family, reflections of those no longer with us and, the amazing people who are in my life.

With freedom and gratitude comes acceptance.

·         Acceptance of my own shortcomings and that of those around me

·          Acceptance that I am not in control of the environment, and that whatever I come up against is meant to be there for my own experiential growth. 

·         Acceptance that god puts hurdles in front of us that we may become stronger.

·         Acceptance of the things I can not change

From this freedom and acceptance is where   COURAGE BEGINS  truly live a free life.  Wisdom comes from every experience and I pray to god every day that I may know the difference between what I can change, and what I simply should accept.  Regardless, life is always great as the optimist, for I know the future will be what it should be, and that good and better days are always ahead as long as we choose acceptance, gratitude and maintain our freedom.  God bless America where freedom stands first.

Thank you for being you.  The reason you are receiving this is that you are part of my social and business network of family, friends and patients.  Thank you for being part of my life.

We all have inherent freedom, why not choose to be a happy optimist.  Love everyday, and make the holidays a time of reflection and get toghether.  Lets love life.  Need a hand, give me a call.  I have plenty of energy to spread around.

To more wonderful days of learning


Dr Cliff


Author: Clifford Fruithandler DC
Source: Clifford Fruithadler DC
Copyright: Clifford Fruithandler DC 11

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Maintaining a Classic

 On Mon, Aug 10, 2009 at 4:10 AM, clifford Fruithandler <[email protected]> wrote: For wynmoor magazine


 Dr Cliff's Notes:   Maintaining an  expensive, one of a kind, Classic Car If you own a classic car you know the expense and maintenance involved to keep it operational. It can be worse than a boat.   If you leave it outside without protection it rusts and deteriorates and quickly falls apart.  It was designed by a pro but does have planned obsolescence.  The warranty is long gone (insurance) and the expenses are all yours.  To enjoy the drive follow ALL the directions.  One missing section will create an expensive repair. 
1. Lube and Oil all moving parts regularly   (Chiropractic)
2. Check the engine (Heart) often (EKG, and listen).  If it doesn't start well, get a new battery (pacemaker/defibrillator).  See the mechanic before the engine goes (Cardiologist)


3. Check the hoses often (blood vessels) for hardening or leaks (bruises, blood in urine, feces)  repair problems before they leak  ( Advanced Doppler's and Cardio Crusader nutrition.)
4. Wash the body exterior  (massage) regularly to get rid of dirt, tar and muck (toxins/oxidizers) and be sure to flush the cooling systems often (herbal or juice cleansing detoxification).  Waiting too long to clean out may result in premature rusting (ageing)
5. Check the antifreeze/coolant  often (blood), especially when its hot, be sure to add a lot of water to keep it full or it will overheat and destroy the engine. (drink a lot of water).  Watch the pressure gauges as this is an easy fix before it blows (stroke)
6. If you put in low octane gas (junk food) expect  knocking (sluggishness)  with difficulty getting  up to speed (slow and tired) and gumming up of the engine.  For good performance put the best gasoline (food) that you can afford.  It will keep the engine going for much longer and without incident (heart attack).
7. If you do all the above and miss this step, all the bearings, hinges and tires will rapidly fall apart.  Take it out for a Sunday drive, better yet take it out at least an hour a day every day.  the drive lubricates the chassis, maintains the oil viscosity, keeps the tires full and pliable.  Leave it in the garage for year and you will lose  your investment.  (sedentary lifestyle).  Don't take the classic car on super highway (football, soccer) as the vibration or speed might cause extreme deteration  but better to drive (walk) around the neighborhood, and bring it up to 50MPH regularly  (swimming, biking, gym, dancing) to maintain the engine.  take it to Classic car shows (dancing, bar mitzvah, weddings)  all polished up (Omega Oils)  so you and others can enjoy, marvel, and  to admire it.  No one can see or appreciate the Classic if its alway in the garage, waht a waste to keep it locked up all the time.
8. If you need a tow (push) call a professional (ambulance).  If you want to avoid the wrecker, see your mechanics regularly (MD, DDS,DPM, DC etc).  For optimum performance see your chiropractor for a wheel alignment (spinal adjustment) which will give you better wear and tear on your tires (spine/discs).  Regular alignments may get you 100,000 miles on your first set of tires.  There are no guarantees except that when you leave the shop, the car sure does run better.  I highly recommend that you get lubed (a massage) and buffed (physical therapy) if the shine is gone.  Some times a jump start (colon cleanse) will get you rolling.  Other times it takes some fuel additives . Choose the safest ones with the least pollution first  (vitamins, enzymes, herbs).  If they don't work try stronger additives ( over the counter medications, or stronger prescription drugs), but try to avoid except as the last resort toxic additives (chemo therapy).  My grandma taught me 'an ounce of prevention is worth of pound of cure.


9. The power of prayer and a positive attitude.  The power of giving is enormous.  There is always someone in greater need, lets be thankful for what we have.  Give your neighbor a hug or a helpful hand.  It feels good.
10.  The Mechanics still like you  when you don't follow the 9 basic steps above.  By not following them, you will help pay for the mechanic's 3 children (Sara, Danielle, and Austin) to finish college.  
I  highly recommend Dr Clifford Fruithandler DC PA also known as A Chiropractic Pain Control Center and Northwest Wellness Center for your classics repair shop. We love Classic bodies and give special attention (love) to everyone.  85% of our work is performed on classic bodies produced prior to 1981   when when we opened in Margate (been around a long time).  We are also excellent for new cars, and absolutely love dealerships (families).  Single classics do get extra attention (hugs) but extra attention  is available to anyone who needs or wants it.  Even the oldest classic can benefit as the buffing and alignments are very gentle. My oldest model was 99 years old.  Extra special care is available for those over 90.   Occasionally the rust has gotten to the point of where an alignment isnt indicated,  that is when fine energy wash is used (acupuncture, cold lasers for rust).  They utilize the newest approaches in preventative maintenance (nutrition, exercise) and no one leaves without being told how get a free exterior wash (swimming pool, swimming aerobics). The proprietor gave directions for the first active wash in Wynmoor 28 years ago (pool aerobics.) and believes its still active.
29 years (experience ) and in the same location,  Margate.   Its near Wynmoor (Northwest Hospital Medical Park on the east side of 441, the new 3 story building) and there is a free tow if needed (Wynmoor bus) that stops at the bargain store (Wal Mart).   iIf you drop the classics  off, there is plenty to do in your short wait.  The Racers we send to Harbor Frenchies bicycle , the lovers go to Preechas for a cut, Nail City, or Liquids (liquor store).  Most classic enthusiasts like Marshalls, the discount tire stores (shoe stores)  If you feel ready for a detox or waxing (massage) its a great way to wait for your classic to be maintained.  The proprietor (Dr. Clifford Fruithandler ) has been known to give coupons great for discounts at the many shops in the Margate area.  For fuel there are some great deals.  CC's Pizza  , New China Buffet, and the Brazilian Carry Full Market (you wil feel lkie you are in Brazil)  have a large variety (buffet) priced between $5-$10. so cheap you don't feel obligated to overfill your tank.  CC's offers free wash (drink) when you show them this letter.  Please note their are $5 quick fills at Quiznones and Subway.   The best deals on financing your vehicle are in Wal Mart at Tropical Financial Credit Union.  They to are very friendly (loving) give you top interest on your sales, and lowest interest on your purchases (loans).  You dont have to be working or in a union to join, they like everyone and ask for Rohan if you have a big deal (loan) to put together.  If your headlights need adjusting, go to the other end and meet the pretty and efficient mechanic (optometrist) .  For working classics there is the auto store ( staples )at the far end, and a fancy gas station Apple Bees.
Last but not least the Proprietor ( Clifford Fruithandler DC) is always looking for ways to help the community.  He is looking for volunteer (free)  mentors (show children how to fill up the cars)  and charity coordinators (to assist Children and Seniors in how to create businesses here or   to build  equip orphanagee, library and medical clinicc in Haiti).  If you know of anyone please email him at [email protected]


What's new:

Performance testing (research):  By the time of this publication our clinical trials of four new nutritional formulas should be complete.  Prior studies, and our current statistics are looking very good.  Using standard blood pressure testing, Applied Kinesiology (combination of muscle testing, acupuncture, reflexolgy, body balancing) and a very sophisticated  vascular and autonomic nervous sytem analyzing device it appears the results will be favorable.  The studies are for treatment and prevention of hypertension, ED, peripehral vascular disease and for chonic stress. We are also analyzing a new Arthritic formula but the results will not be out till November.  It is believed that only 5% of medicinal herbs have been located.  I hope to give our results in octobers edition whether favorable or not.  If you have hypertension and are currently  taking medications, a second study will be starting in October.  Volunteers are welcomed. 


Decompression Spinal Traction:  We have been using the Dynatron 9000 DCT table for 4 years with outstanding results.  Decompression traction is comforatable and works when chiropractic, acupuncture, and physical therapy have failed in the treatemtent of back and sciatic pain.  . It is the treatment of choice for Disc Herniations, Protrusions and in the majority of cases can eliminate the need for surgery. It  also be effective with failed back syndrome and some cases of Dejenerative Disc disease.


Prolo and Homeopathic Injections:  Homeopathy uses like substance to treat like diseases.  It is standard praatice in Europe and used by the Royal Family.  Its purpose is to create healing not cover it up.  Although results may take longer to see than cortisone and pain medication injections, there are relatively no side effects.  We do have a Medical Doctor trained in these procedures.


Project Leadership:  A program developed by Premiere Networking Alliance and Coral Springs Mayor Scott Brook has been well recieved.  If you would be interested in bringing it locally please give me a call.  The next course will be in October.  If you have any teenagers interested in leadership, go to and click on project leadership.  One project is to collect books, computers and other essentials for children in Haiti.  The end goal is to build and equip an Orphanage, library, and Health Center.  The obstacles seem impossible, but the founding teenager commitee is coming up with answers.  For me, i am looking for senior volunteers to take on the coordiantion of the medical end.  We need Doctors, willing to pay their way  and bring their own supplies.  I am looking for 'administrator mentors' and retired or active Doctors who would like to partipcate.  The goal in more than to treat, it is to teach them to treat themselves.  If you or someone you know is up for an 'impossible' task with little thanks than to know you saved some lives, please email me at dr[email protected] .

To make an appointment for any health problem, spinal alignment or oil change please call 954-979-2333 and ask for Annie (also a classic like me.)  We do accept warranties (medicare and some HMO) but if you are out of warranty, we are very reasonable and will work with you.  If you need reference's, ask you neighbors.  For those who have not been in to see us in 5- 29 years, let your friends know why,  our work holds up to time.  We teach Prevention. For more information you can go to .  Questons, please feel free to call me on my cell phone, 954-336-0776.


My Family:  For those 200 clients who attended our wedding in 1990, my wife has gotten prettier and is in better shape than ever since she truly follows steps 1-9.  Sara is a Freshman at University of Florida and enjoying every moment.  Danielle is a Junior and Austin a Freshman at Douglass high school.  All are active in community service and great students thanks to my wife Eileens tutlege. 
Dr Clifford Fruithander, Chiropracitc physician     
Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Physical Therapy, Massage, Nutrition, Cardio Crusaders Cardiovascular disease prevention, TMJ Headaches Pain Away and stress management programs. 
Also available:  Medicine, Prolotherapy, Homeopathy, Bio Identical Hormone therapies. 
Your referrals are always appreciated.  
Clifford Fruithandler, DC
954-336-0776 Cell

Author: Clifford Fruithandler DC
Source: Clifford Fruithadler DC
Copyright: Clifford Fruithandler DC 2009

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Chiropractic Is Cost Effective For Sure

A recent study adds to the growing list of studies indicating chiropractic care is extremely cost effective. In this most recent study, researchers set out to determine whether there were differences in the cost of low back pain care when a patient was able to choose a course of treatment with either a medical doctor or a doctor of chiropractic, given that his/her insurance provided equal access to both provider types. To obtain this data, researchers analyzed insurance claims from Blue Cross Blue Shield between October 1, 2004 and September 30, 2006 where the insurer had open access to medical doctors and chiropractic doctors through self-referral without any limit to the number of visits or differences in co-pays of these 2 provider types. According to their findings, those individuals who chose chiropractic care for their low back pain treatment had lower overall episode costs as compared to those who initiated care with a medical doctor. According to the study, “Paid costs for episodes of care initiated with a chiropractic doctor were almost 40% less than episodes initiated with a medical doctor. Even after risk adjusting each patient’s costs, we found that episodes of care initiated with a chiropractic doctor were 20% less expensive than episodes initiated with a medical doctor.

Source: JMPT Volume 33, Issue 9, Pages 640-643.
Copyright: LLC 2011

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Chiropractic Miracles

While there are many philosophies and beliefs in regards to chiropractic care and exactly how everything works and what conditions chiropractic care can affect, there are also those clinical results experienced by chiropractic patients daily that are plain and simple, chiropractic miracles. Rather than get into the specifics of how chiropractic works and why, we’d simply like to share a case study published in a recent issue of the Journal of Chiropractic Medicine. In this study, a 7-year old girl presents to a chiropractor after having suffered from cyclic vomiting syndrome for the previous 4 1/2 years. She additionally had a 2-month history of headaches and stomachaches. After receiving a thorough chiropractic evaluation, she was treated with a safe, low-force chiropractic procedure to her upper neck region. According to the case study, her symptoms improved within an hour of treatment. Chiropractic care has helped millions of people not only get out of pain, but similar to this case study, resolve their medical mysteries, so-to-speak, and experience their own chiropractic miracles. We encourage those who are suffering from pain and other health problems to contact their local chiropractor today for a consultation to see if chiropractic care can be their miracle too!

Source: Journal of Chiropractic Medicine Volume 9, Issue 4, Pages 179-183 (December 2010
Copyright: LLC 2011

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Many Medical Treatments Are Not So Scientific

U.S. researchers state that the treatments medical doctors commonly use actually have little to no scientific support. Even in this day and age, there is still much uncertainty as to what the best patient care plan actually is for many health ailments. In fact, according to a new study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, approximately only 1 in 7 treatment recommendations from the Infectious Diseases Society of America (a society representing healthcare providers and researchers across the nation) were based on high-quality data from clinical trials. Moreover, these statistics are based on more than 4,200 recommendations offered by the Infectious Diseases Society of America since 1994. Caveat emptor!

Source: Archives of Internal Medicine, January 10, 2011.
Copyright: LLC 2011

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Is Living Longer Slipping Away?

For the first time since 2004 the National Vital Statistics Reports states the life expectancy for the average American has actually shortened slightly to 77.8 years. The good news is this slip is subtle, slipping just .1 years from the record high of 77.9 years in 2007. One thing is for sure, taking care of yourself and having regular health checkups including spinal checkups does a body good. If you are or have recently experienced any physical ailments or have not had your spine checked in the last 12 months, we encourage you to contact your local chiropractor today for a much needed and much deserved checkup. Many chiropractic offices additionally provide a very low cost no obligation consultation to see just what’s going on with that back of yours! Don’t be another statistic, call today!

Source: National Vital Statistics Reports, December 9, 2010.
Copyright: LLC 2011

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